European Capital of Culture in 2010

Pécs is a beautiful old town in the south part of Hungary. Historical buildings, monuments, churches, statues and fountains can be found all over the city. Numerous travel books describe Pécs as the Hungarian city with a touch of the Mediterranean. When a city that geographically does not belong to the Mediterranean region refers to itself as a place with a Mediterranean atmosphere, the goal is not merely to attract more tourists. Such a city intends to identify itself with a world in which buoyancy and laughter are a part of everyday life, where people get together and spend a lot of time in public places such as squares and streets till late at night, where foreigners are happy to strike up a conversation with one another, and in which it seems like there are more holidays than anywhere else in Europe. This is the kind of place Pécs would like to become, or perhaps already is.

We hope you will enjoy your time in this friendly place!

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