Invited speakers

Eric Hudson (University of California)
Constraining the evolution of the fundamental constants with a solid-state optical frequency reference based on the 229Th nucleus

Katalin KamarĂ¡s (MTA SZFKI, Budapest)
Effect of ionic and covalent defects on the properties of transparent carbon nanotube films

Philippe Knauth (Laboratoire Chimie Provence)
Point defects in 3D and 1D nanomaterials: the model case of titanium dioxide

Stephen W. S. McKeever (Oklahoma State University)
Principles and recent developments in the use of thermally and optically stimulated luminescence in radiation dosimetry

Simon R. Phillpot (University of Florida)
Defects and domain walls in LiNbO3: insights from microscopic simulation

Andre Stesmans (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
EPR probing of semiconductor/insulator heterostructures: point defects at interfaces and in thin oxide layers

Chris G. Van de Walle (University of California)
Hydrogen in oxides and nitrides: unexpected physics and impact on devices

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